Event Printing

Squid ink shop is now offering on-site event printing/apparel decoration. We will bring our equipment and come to your event to print shirts on site. On-site heat printing is a fun opportunity to offer custom printed shirts with your tournament or event name on the front and allow people to add their name, school affiliation and/or any other information or designs on the back or sleeves. On site printing is a profitable arrangement for both the decorator and the event organizer and a lot of fun for your guests. Most of the student and families that come to these event usually want some sort of souvenir to take home with them and a personalized shirt can be the perfect memento. If your interested in what event printing can do for your event or just have any questions contact us here.


We take the hassle out of planning and managing your apparel design and sales so you can focus on your event.


We take on all the risk you pay us nothing, we pay you! You will receve a kick back on all sales.  


With only the shirts that are being sold being printed we complety eleminate waste form overprinting.


Need help with design? Our designers can design you your very own tournament logo free of charge.

Custom Design

Our designers have a wealth of experience in logo and event design and can help create the perfect logo for your event as well as creative slogans and other addon. It is shown that more than 90% of the time people will add a name number or other design to there garment further increasing sales. Here at squid ink shop we only use top quality inks and shirts to guarantee that the apparel and the memory with last. Take the guess work out of your apparel design this year and see how on site printing and squid ink shop can help your event grow.


Most companies that use on site printing show an average 150% increase in sales over companies and events without on-site printing. And with no left over inventory to deal with we are able to completely eliminate waste. We will also make sure to have an adequate number of products during the entire event so that everyone can benefit from the large selection of apparel and customizing options. At no cost to you on site printing is a risk free way to increase you profits from you tournament or event. Contact us today and see how squid ink shop can help you and your event. Contact Here

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